FINECO's most important activity is in R&D

for developing unique and innovative product 


R&D for Unique Natural Products

FINECO's most important activity is in R & D for developing unique and innovative products by combining state-of-the-art technology with natural resources.

FINECO has been working hard to discover the secrets of nature, one after the other, through scientific research, and using these findings to develop products that promote human health and beauty. We spent about 20 years conducting in-depth studies on silk, one of the most mysterious natural materials of the East, and discovered a number of mysterious characteristics of silk protein that had not been previously known, meaning we were then able to develop various innovative products by combining these mysterious secrets of nature with other materials. 

FINECO’s research also focuses on technology for stabilizing natural components, technology for concentrating and purifying active ingredients in natural materials, and technology related with the delivery system for delivering natural active ingredients to our body in the optimum condition, ensuring the maximum effect on the body, while maintaining original activities. Other major fields of study include the effect of various natural ingredients on the skin, by using a skin analysis system that can systematically and objectively analyze the skin condition in relation to the development of the optimum formulation of various natural skin care products. 

FINECO is developing formulas that effectively improve various skin problems through clinical tests. FINECO’s R&D activities are performed through a close and strong R&D network with relevant specialist and companies in Europe, Japan and Korea.





Silk Crystal Microcapsules









Silk Crystal Hydrogel Film

embedded with Silk Microcapsules​

Innovative Products by state-of-the-art technology

FINECO is always trying to develop unique and innovative products by combining state-of-the-art technology with natural resources. The flagship products of FINECO include silk, and we have undertaken many studies over a long period of time to discover new functions of silk.

We developed an innovative and exclusive SILK CRYSTAl HYDRGEL FILM embedded with time-controlled release microcapsules which contain active ingredients that are encapsulated with silk protein, which stabilizes the active ingredients from oxidation, UV rays, and environmental conditions. Doing this allows the content of the capsule to be transferred onto the skin in a stable, innovative way that is truly unique to FINECO. 

FINECO advances in skin delivery technologies and provides a methodical and systematic explanation of technologies used to transport pharmaceuticals and cosmetic material through the skin's barriers. We use new materials such as silk and polymer, new formulation methods such as microcapsule and soild lipid nanoparticle, and variations on technologies such as cubosome. Also we study the principles of skin penetration and methods of transdermal transport.



New Innovative Silk Bio-materials,





New Biomaterial for Cosmetic & Medical Application

Silk Protein

Silk fiber that has been traditionally used in textiles is the fibroin protein, which is known to have several unique and even mysterious characteristics such as a superior capability in modulating moisture, providing an anti-bacterial agent, blocking UV ray, preventing skin inflammation and pimples, as well as promoting the production of collagen and regeneration of skin cells.  However, general silk materials like silk amino acids or silk peptides that have been widely used in hair and skin care products are "Broken Silk", because they are made by decomposing silk protein with acid, alkali or enzyme, so they can only sustain a fraction of their original capabilities of silk protein, hence not performing up to par. 


Silk Crystal 

With over 15 years of silk research, FINECO developed a new innovative biomaterial, Silk Crystal, by applying FINECO's proprietary technology to the silk fibroin protein which has a high moisturizing capability while keeping the many unique mysterious properties of the silk fibroin protein itself. The structure of Silk Crystal is composed of many micro pores which bind water molecules as much as 50 times their weight, and can absorb both water and oil without using any emulsifier so it provides good water-oil balance to the skin. Using of our core technology in Silk Crystal, we have studied more about silk by combining other natural materials, aiming to create new materials for application in the actual industry.