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Bio-venture company developing unique products.

 FINECO LTD. is a R&D oriented company developing functional Biomaterials, all natural cosmetics and wellness products from natural resources such as Silk, traditional herbs and marine resources, by studying the mystery of nature through combining state-of-the-art technology.

FINECO takes aim at developing safe, efficacious and innovative natural products, which can be dedicated to safe & healthy lifestyle. The current major focuses of FINECO are silk-based all natural skin care and hair care products according to European guidelines, and unique Silk materials for medical devices and optimal delivery system.



We are always trying to provide safe and innovative products supported by scientific research. ​

Providing Safe and Innovative Products.

We believe that a human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. So we are striving to create a personal approach to health and beauty care by developing natural products using natural ingredients that can work with and support our own body’s healing tendencies.

Our mission is to contribute to society by promoting human beings health and beauty with good products that work with your body’s own natural vitality and ability to nurture and heal. We are always trying to be a specialized company in the health and beauty industry by providing truly natural, efficacious and innovative products supported by scientific research, ensuring safety, naturalness and quality are of the highest order. 



Mysterious Natural Protein - SILK 

New Innovative Silk Microstructure - SILK CRYSTAL

New Innovative Silk Microstructure - SILK CRYSTAL

Mysterious Natural Protein, Silk

Silk has been the most treasured natural fibre since it was discovered in China in 3,000 BC. Because of its natural sheen, pleasant touch, superior brilliance, and unique characteristics, silk is called the Queen of Fibre and has fascinated women as a mysterious natural material. Stories have come down through the generations about the amazing benefits of silk: Woman working in silk factories were blessed with extraordinarily soft hands. People who wore silk undergarments gained relief from skin problems such as inflammation and allergies. Rice cakes wrapped in silk cloth stayed fresh and uncontaminated for longer periods of time than those wrapped with other materials. 


Silk Science - Silk Crystal® 

Silk fiber that has been traditionally used in textiles is the fibroin, which is known to have several unique, and even mysterious characteristics such as a superior capability in modulating moisture, providing an anti-bacterial agent, blocking UV ray, Preventing skin inflammation and pimples, as well as promoting the production of collagen and regeneration of skin cells. However, the silk amino acids that have been used in hair and skin care products are made by decomposing silk protein with acid, alkali or enzyme, so it does not maintain many of the original properties of silk fibroin protein any more. 

On the other hand, Silk Crystal® is a new innovative biomaterial made by applying FINECOs advanced technology to the silk fibroin protein which has a high moisturizing capability while keeping the many unique mysterious properties of the silk fibroin protein itself such as UV protecting function. Silk Crystal® binds water molecules as much as 50 times its weight, and can absorb both water and oil without using emulsifier so it provides good water-oil balance to the skin.


  • La Soie

All Natural Silk Cosmetics certified in Germany

La Soie is high-quality all natural cosmetics compliant with EU guidelines, which was created by special combinations of Silk Crystal and natural active ingredients to treat various skin conditions, without using parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, silicones, chemically synthetic fragrances and coloring agents.

La Soie, silk-based all natural skin care line, delivers a blend of intense ingredients from nature to hydrate, nourish, and protect delicate skin on your face, neck and body.


Natural Silk Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin

SILK CRYSTAL plus is premium grade natural silk cosmetics developed by joint project between FINECO LTD (Korea) and JOYONA International (Germany).

SILK CRYSTAL plus products are made by special combinations of Silk fibroin protein, Vegarulon (Hyaluronic acid from mushroom), Hemp seed oil, Broccoli sprout extract, Aloe vera and other safe natural ingredients based on scientific research. 

SILK CRYSTAl plus LAB. products were developed mainly for sensitive skin or troubled skin such as pimple or acne, based on our extensive research and long experience in treatment of troubled skin.


Luxury Silk Bio-Cosmetic Line

THE SILK CRYSTAL is luxury Silk Bio-Cosmetics line developed by SILK CRYSTAL Research Institute.

It was launched in 2016 year after a long research with thoroughly tested and selected natural ingredients, and is highly reputed by its amazing effect improving various skin problems.


Natural & Safe Cosmetics based on Silk & Herbs.

SILK HERB ESSENCE Cosmetics was born by combining FINECO’s innovative biomaterial, SILK CRYSTAL and valuable herbal essences without petrochemical ingredients. Broccoli sprout extract is one of main ingredient in SILK HERB ESSENCE products, which contains strong anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, Selenium, and Sulforaphane that helps the recovery of skin cells damaged by UV ray or Sunlight. SILK HERB ESSENCE is safe and reliable cosmetics for facial, body and hair care with reasonable price. SILK HERB ESSENCE products are manufactured according to international standards ISO 14001, ISO 9001system, and under clean and safe environmental conditions.


-Natural & Safe 


-High Quality 

-No Animal Test 

-Simple & Easy to use 

-Reasonable Price



FINECO is establishing strategic cooperation with companies in several countries in the field of R&D, production and marketing.

FINECO is continuously searching for global partners and establishing a FINECO’s strategic partners in pursuit of mutual prosperity and synergy effect.


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