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Silk Protein

Silk fiber that has been traditionally used in textiles is the fibroin protein, which is known to have several unique and even mysterious characteristics such as a superior capability in modulating moisture, providing an anti-bacterial agent, blocking UV ray, preventing skin inflammation and pimples, as well as promoting the production of collagen and regeneration of skin cells.
However, general silk materials like silk amino acids or silk peptides that have been widely used in hair and skin care products are "Broken Silk", because they are made by decomposing silk protein with acid, alkali or enzyme, so they can only sustain a fraction of their original capabilities of silk protein, hence not performing up to par.

Silk Crystal

With over 15 years of silk research, FINECO developed a new innovative biomaterial, Silk Crystal, by applying FINECO's proprietary technology to the silk fibroin protein which has a high moisturizing capability while keeping the many unique mysterious properties of the silk fibroin proteing itself. The structure of Silk Crystal is composed of many micro pores which bind water molecules as much as 50 times their weight, and can absorb both water and oil without using any emulsifier so it provides good water-oil balance to the skin. Using of our core technology in Silk Crystal, we have studied more about silk by combining other natural materials, aiming to create new materials for application in the actual industry.

Magical Silk Crystal Hydrogel Mask Film


Silk Crystal-Gold Complex

The metal gold never corrodes or even tarnishes, is completely non-toxic, and exhibits no interactions with other drugs. Gold has been used for therapeutic applications as far back as the ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. The Egyptian Pharaohs were prescribed it for its health and beauty benefits, and its use in ancient China as a medicine was handed down for over 5000 years.

The ancients believed that gold in the body worked by stimulating the chi (life force) and raising the level of vibration on all levels. If metallic gold is divided into fine particles with sizes ranging from one to one hundred billionths of a meter, the particles are permanently suspended in solution(it becomes colloidal) and exhibits new properties due to larger amount of gold surface area available. In ancient times, alchemists developed a powerful colloidal elixir known as "liquid gold" which reportedly had the ability to restore youth. In many recent scientific studies colloidal gold is known to be helpful in immunoregulatory activity, inhibition of infections, stabilization of collagen, improving blood circulation, as well as promoting renewed vitality.

FineCo developed a unique Silk-Gold Complex by conjugating colloidal gold particles with silk protein which is highly compatible with skin cells and provides several benefits of both silk and gold. The gold particles in Silk Crystal - Gold Complex are extremely tiny. Our research indicates that Silk Crystal-Gold Complex reduces the level of free radicals causing cell damage resulting in aging skin, and has UV protection effects so it can be used to improve a number of different skin problems. Silk Crystal-Gold Complex has a unique reddish-purple color that is from colloidal gold particle, so it is unchangeable natural colorant.


Silk Crystal Microcapsules and Colloidsome


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