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FineCo's most important activity is in R & D for developing unique and innovative products by combining state-of-the-art technology with natural resources. FINECO has been working hard to discover the secrets of nature, one after the other, through scientific research, and using these findings to develop products that promote human health and beauty. For example, we spent approximately ten years conducting in-depth studies on silk, one of the most mysterious natural materials of the East, and discovered a number of mysterious characteristics of silk protein that had not been previously known, meaning we were then able to develop various innovative products by combining these mysterious secrets of nature with other materials. FINECO¡¯s research also focuses on technology for stabilizing natural components, technology for concentrating and purifying active ingredients in natural materials, and technology related with the delivery system for delivering natural active ingredients to our body in the optimum condition, ensuring the maximum effect on the body, while maintaining original activities. Other major fields of study include the effect of various natural ingredients on the skin, by using a skin analysis system that can systematically and objectively analyze the skin condition in relation to the development of the optimum formulation of various natural skin care products. FINECO is developing formulas that effectively improve various skin problems through clinical tests with a number of volunteers. FINECO¡¯s R&D activities are performed through a close and strong global R&D network with relevant specialist and companies in Europe, Japan and Korea.

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