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FINECO built up its extensive experience and technology for studies to discover functional components from natural materials that are helpful for health and beauty care and to extract, separate, and purify such substances effectively. FINECO developed a mass-production system for such substances, and is now supplying them to Health Care and Beauty Care companies in Europe, including Germany and Switzerland, and Asia, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, based on the research results of the functionality of the substances we have produced. The flagship products of FINECO include silk, and we have undertaken many studies over a long period of time to discover new functions of silk, mainly used as clothing material. We also developed many types of products for various uses, including cosmetic material and functional foods. Other products include Omega-3 oil extracted from external blue colored fishes, produced with a focus on high purity products differentiated from the products sold in the existing marketplace. A powder product was developed by micro-encapsulating the unstable Omega-3 oil to stretch the usage of the product. FINECO also conducted long-term research focusing on the immunity-boosting functions of polysaccharides found in mushrooms, and is supplying polysaccharides powder with excellent immunity-boosting effects to a number of health food companies. FINECO is also developing and selling polysaccharides as cosmetic materials.

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