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What is Tremella fuciformis mushroom?

Tremella fuciformis, belonging to the order of the Tremellales, is an
edible mushroom with white, frond-like, gelatinous fruit bodies. The
fruit bodies are cultivated and are one of the most popular mushrooms
in fine cuisine and traditional medicine of Far East Asia, especially
China. Tremella fuciformis mushroom has been given the common
names as Snow Fungus or White Jelly Mushroom as well as it called
Silver Ear.

Historical stories about the use of Tremella fuciformis mushroom

Tremella fuciformis has been used in Asia as a Qi (life energy) and
immune tonic, and has been also highly prized as a youthful skin tonic
for a healthy complexion. According to traditional Chinese medicine,
Tremella fuciformis nourishes the lung, stomach and kidney,
strengthens the bones, helps maintain ideal weight and provides
proper moisturization to the skin which belongs to the lung network.
It is said that imperial consort Yang Kuei-fei, considered to be the most
beautiful woman in Chinese history, used this mushroom for her facial
and body care.

Bioactive constituents proved by modern research

Tremella fuciformis contains vitamin B1, B2, D, niacin, mannitol, glycerol, glucose, trehalose, hemicellulose, chitin, pectin,
glucuronoxylomannan and lignin.Polysaccharides are one of the main bioactive components of Tremella fuciformis, and it has
higher water holding capability than hyaluronic acid. Modern research indicates that polysaccharides from Tremella fuciformis
has immunomodulatory, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activities as well as it lowers blood glucose, cholesterol, and protects
against radiation. It is known to have the ability to induce human monocytes to produce interleukines (IL-1 and IL-6) and tumor
necrosis factor in vitro.

Fine Mushroom HA from Tremella fuciformis

Fine Mushroom HA is a strong moisturizing bioactive component made by applying FINECO’s unique technology to the Tremella
fuciformis mushroom, which contains mostly water soluble heteropolysaccharides consisted of a (1→3)-mannan backbone with
xylose- and glucuronic
acid-containing side chains. Fine Mushroom HA is a mushroom-derived hyaluronic acid, because it
contains lots of glucuronic acid (about 18%) as hyaluronic acid does. Fine Mushroom HA has higher water holding capability than
sodium hyaluronate, and gives excellent moisturizing effect to the skin with soft and better touch feeling than sodium hyaluronate.
Fine Mushroom HA is a good biomaterial as a plant-derived strong moisturizer for skin care products with good stability and
safety profile.

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