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Agaricus blazei Murill-Miraculous Healing Food

Throughout history, man has always been searching for the magic potion that would bring us longevity and health preferably without us having to work hard for it. Indeed there are places in the world, usually hidden somewhere form civilization, where the inhabitants seem to enjoy longer and healthier livings than the rest of us living in modern civilized society with all the available high technology in modern medicine. Many studies and hypothesis were made trying to explain the difference. Among the longevity villages is this highland known as Piedade situated about 200 kilometers from the capital of Brazil, Sao Paulo.

About thirty years ago, two scientist form Penn. State University of USA visited Piedade and made the observation that the people there eat a special kind of mushroom which is not found anywhere else in Brazil or the rest of the world. They proceeded to analyze the nutritional content of the Brazilian mushroom and published the results in the scientific journal in 1965. 

Many scientist conducted studies that have shown the Aagricus mushroom to be an immune system stimulant which promotes the body’s natural defense mechanism to fight a variety of infectious agents, including cancer. Animal experiments showed that not only the Agaricus mushroom is an effective cancer fighter, it is the best cancer fighter among al the medicinal mushrooms we know. Its cancer cure rate is 90% and its cancer prevention rate is 99.4% on sarcoma 180 in animal studies. Clinical results proved that the polysaccharide of Agaricus mushroom was effective against several kinds of cancer by enhancing the body’s own immune system rather than directly trying to kill off the cancer cells. It is therefore as safe as food substance can be. Subsequent studies showed that the Agaricus mushroom has a powerful balancing effect of many physiological functions. That is why clinically it has been effective against almost every health problems afflicting mankind.

World -widely recognized Fine-Agaricus

Fine-Agaricus Gold has the strongest efficacy compared to other Fine-Agaricus products, because it contains highly concentrated active ingredients, protein bound polysaccharides. It has been used for more than 5 years by medical doctors, pharmacists and practitioners in alternative medication for treating cancer patients and people with chronic diseases in several countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Korea.

• Type : Micropowder
• Ingredient & content : Agaricus mushroom polysaccharides 100%
• Package: 1kg

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