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Fine-Agaricus Gold has the strongest efficacy compared to other Fine-Agaricus products, because it contains highly concentrated active ingredients, protein bound polysaccharides. It has been used for more than 5 years by medical doctors, pharmacists and practitioners in alternative medication for treating cancer patients and people with chronic diseases in several countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Korea.

Characteristics of Fine-Agaricus Gold

• Using highest quality Agaricus mushroom cultivated at the clean and special environmental condition in deep forest of Korea
• Processed by FineCo’s unique advanced technology using special enzymes, low-temperature
extraction and freeze drying process
• High content of active protein bound polysaccharides and good absorption in the digestive tract
• Strongly stimulating the production of interleukin-1 and activating NK cell

• Type : Micro powder tea
• Ingredient & content : Agaricus mushroom polysaccharides 100%
• Serving size : 2g/sachet
• Serving per box : 60sachet
• Recommended dosage : 2~10sachets/day, depending on body condition
• Suggested usage :
Put1~2sachets in a cup of warm water or juices, take before or after meals (or as directed by your practitioner).


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