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FINE OMEGA contains super high concentration of 85% Omega-3 fatty acids. While generic fish oils typically contain 30% Omega-3s our formula undergoes a multi-stage purification process, including molecular distillation, to concentrate these essential fatty acids while removing unwanted compounds such as heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, furans and other contaminants.
Omega-3 DHA has long been known to be a building block for the brain, and play a critical role in brain and visual function. Behaviour, learning ability and depression have all recently been linked to Omega-3 DHA intakes.
Super DHA85 is a premium grade dietary supplement for providing high concentrate Omega-3 DHA which can’t be produced by the human body.

Directions : Take 2~3 softgels daily with a meal or glass of water; for children, give 1 softgel per day.


• Children Health - Boosts children’s brain power & memory
                          - Improves ADHD* child’s behaviour & attention
                          - Improves Eczema

• Cognitive Performance - Prevents age-related cognitive decline
                                    - Slows ageing of brain

• Visual Function - Protects eyes against a deterioration of the retina
                         - Prevents blindness(AMD*) in the elderly

• Pregnancy & Infant Health - Supports healthy pregnancies and healthy development of infants
                                         - Improves motor development

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