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Jasu Mi is a specially designed skin care essence bar  that  makes  your  aging skin more elastic, soft, and  radiant  which  was  formulated  with three  potent  natural  antioxidants  and unique Asian medicinal  herbal extracts for suppressing aging  of  skin  caused  by  harmful  oxygen free radicals. The red coloring matter is a natural As-taxanthin that has antioxidant  properties 1,000 times stronger than Tocopherol. It also contains Vitamin C, Tocopherol, and  Green  tea  extracts  that removes harmful oxygen free radicals.       Jasu Mi includes  concentrated Silk Crystal® as an  outstanding  moisturizer, and  more  than 20 kinds of herbal extracts such as that of Ginseng, Licorice, Laminaria  Japonica  and  Ganoderma  mushrooms making skin clearer and younger by providing  nutrition  and  vitality  to  the  tired, stressed and aged skin.

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