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Jasu Dan is a face-washing  soap bar  that is produced by  concentrating  and  solidifying  many natural ingre-dients efficacious for the prevention and improvement of various skin troubles. In order to respond  to harm-ful  factors  such  as  dried skin, harmful  oxygen  free radicals and nutritional imbalances, we added Silk Cry-stal® which  gives  outstanding  moisturizing  effects  such  as  natural  Astaxanthin  that  removes harmful oxygen free radicals 1,000 times stronger than Toco-pherol and  20-plus  Asian  medicinal  herbal extracts with vegetable oil.
Jasu Dan contains  several essential oils  with comfor-table aromas  extracted  from naturally growing herbs in  remote  mountainous  areas  of Gangwon Province in Korea, which smells like the beautiful, yet faint frag-rance of nature.

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