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Silk  Crystal®  Forehead Care Mask is a unique patented Silk
hydrogel mask, a new concept that is made of pure silk
protein with network structure. Because of its micro-pored
structure, it absorbs excess oil and  regulates sebum with
gentle anti-bacterial formulas. It also intensively moisturizes
the facial skin and then firmly tightens the skin through slow 
self-contraction after the water and nutrients are transferred 
from mask to skin.

Silk Crystal® Forehead Care Mask contains several active
ingredients & botanical extracts such as Green Tea, Witch
Hazel, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Pine Bark, Hinoki, Grape Seed,
Rosemary, Ginkgo and Korean Ginseng extracts, controlling
oily skin and reducing wrinkles.


1. Thoroughly cleanse face, then dry face completely.
2. Silk Crystal® Tightening Mask is covered with non-woven fabric shreet on both sides.
Remove the cover sheet from one side.
3. Place the side of the mask with the cover sheet removed, onto your face. Smooth mask gently to
ensure good contact with skin.
4. Remove remaining cover sheet onthe other side, from the mask.
5. Wear the mask until dry (usually about 30 to 45 minutes).
6. Remove mask, then apply essence or cream of your choice.

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