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Safe  Natural  Baby  Wash  from Silk BéBé is a very mild and tear-free all  natural  bath  wash that  cleans  without irritating and drying your baby's skin.  It  is made with a gentle  Coconut  derived  natural  cleanser  which is non-irritating and hypo-allergenic to sensitive skin.  In  order to prevent skin problems caused by dried skin  and bact-erial infection, Safe Natural Baby Wash has been enriched with the moisturizing properties of  Silk  Crystal®  which easily bonds with the skin and creates a  thin protective moisturizing membrane on its surface. Botanical extracts such as Chamomile and  Aloe vera  improve  skin,  hair, and scalp health. Give  your  child  the  best.  Give  your child Silk BéBé.

DIRECTIONS : Pour Safe Natural Baby Wash on a soft washcloth or your hand and gently massage baby's skin with a soothing touch, creating a rich lather. Rinse with warm water and enjoy this special moment together.

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