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Silk Rain Shower Gel is completely free of soap, harsh chemicals, and is  delicate  enough to use even on babies. Through  the  micro-pored  Silk Crystal®, Silk protein is  optimized to  its maxi-mum potency,creating a protective shield around your skin that will shield away oxidation, dehyd-ration, and even  UV  damage.  Your skin will be left  tangibly  smooth  thanks  to  this  unique   formula. Dry elbows and cracking  dead  skin on your arms and legs will be replaced with elastic skin  that  you  thought  you  would  never  see again. Naturally derived coconut  cleansers com-bined with skin protecting Silk protein thoroughly remove excess oils and impurities without drying or irritating the skin.  Microcapsules  inside  the shower gel slowly melt  on  the skin  while rele-asing calming  and  refreshing  essential  aroma oils during  shower  which  leave a clean, fresh, and woodsy aroma helping you  relax  and clear your body and mind for the day ahead.
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