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Your best  solution  to treat  damaged  hair and  to give smoothness.

Silk Essence Conditioner is all natural conditioner for healthy and 
shiny hair developed by applying FineCo’s unique Silk Science. It is
made with proprietary bioactives such as Silk Crystal® and all natural
botanical extracts that are effective for hair and scalp condition.
They provide a silky feel and leave your hair with a healthy luster.
Especially, silk protein seals the cuticle for smooth styling and
superior shine by coating the hair and preventing the fade of color with
sun protection.

Besides, this conditioner selectively treats and nurtures hair's most sensitized areas without weighing it down. Jojoba oil
strengthens the gloss of hair and keeps moisture from evaporating, so it can control balance of oil and water, makes hair
soft after shampooing and protects hair against sun and wind damage as well.

Chemical processes (perms, colorings, highlights, relaxers, etc.) destroy part of the protein in your hair. La Soie Silk
Essence conditioner helps to replenish that protein that has been lost. This reduces brittleness and leaves your hair strong
and vibrant. And cherish your beautiful hair freed from chemical hair conditioners.

The natural plant extracts such as nettle, sage, etc. long used to stimulate hair growth, increase vitality and promote
natural shine. Furthermore, they have antibacterial effect and provide lasting nourishment to the hair. Our product not only contains these extracts rich, but includes silk amino acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and Pro-vitamin B5.  Pro-vitamin B5, 
extra moisturizers and protein rich keratin give strength and luster to dry, damaged hair. Our conditioner also helps  to
detangle making hair easier to comb and reducing breakage that happens during combouts after shampooing.

La Soie Silk Essence Conditioner uses ‘Natural Pine Tree Oil’ for fragrance, and it additionally brings aroma therapy that
give feeling like in a forest.

Direction for use 

After Silk Essence Shampoo, apply it all over your hair and work evenly through hair. Leave it for 2~3 minutes and rinse
thoroughly. For deeper conditioning effect, leave it for 15~20 minutes with using warm towel. Silk Essence Conditioner is
ideal for daily use.

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