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Your best solution to reverse worsening hair loss and scalp problems.

Silk Essence Shampoo is a premium All Natural Hair Shampoo for healthy hair and scalp developed by apply-ing FineCo’s unique Silk Science. It is made with proprietary bioactives such as Silk Crystal®, Gold and all
natural botanicals that nourish, moisturize and improve the hair and scalp
condition. It cleans the scalp without Irritation, helps hair growth, and prevents hair
loss. This specially designed shampoo is your best solution to reverse wors-
ening hair loss and scalp problems.

All Natural Ingredients according to European guidelines
  - Sulfate Free / Silicone Free / Phthalate Free / Mineral Oil  Free / Paraben Free / PropyleneGlycol Free / Synthesized
    Chemical Fragrance or Coloring agent Free
  - Infused with botanicals like White Lotus, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamins

• Safely and effectively helps stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth in men and women
  - Scientifically proven natural bioactive ingredients help stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth in long-term use
  - Cleanses the scalp deeply, resulting in a clean and healthy scalp

• Excellent moisture retention to scalp and effective in relieving dandruff
  - Silk Crystal contained in shampoo provides excellent moisture retention to scalp and elasticity of the skin. Nutrition 
    provided to scalp and hair, moisture retention improve hair growth environment.
  - Effective in relieving dandruff and soothing scalp irritation, which are major causes of unhealthy, dull or thinning hair.
• Soft and Nice Sheen Hair by coating damaged hair with Silk Crystal
  - Silk protein is very similar to skin cell in its structure, and easily binds to the surface of hair. Silk Crystal contained in 
    shampoo repairs the damaged hair by coating, and gives strength and body to fine hair with a nice sheen. Thick, kinky
    hair becomes softer and more manageable.

• Nutrient-rich Silk Microcapsules dispersed in Shampoo nourishes hair and revitalizes scalp
  - Silk Microcapsules dispersed in shampoo contains concentrated essential nutrients for hair&scalp such as Vitamin,
    Amino acids and Anti-oxidants, which are stabilized by silk micro capsulation pre-venting deterioration of activity by
    exposure to air or water. Silk Essence Shampoo  nourishes hair and revitalizes scalp.

• Fine and Plentiful bubbles with soft, gentle sensation
  - Fine and plentiful bubbles remove pore clogging debris,preventing excessive removal of sebum. You can enjoy soft,
    refreshing feeling after shampoo. Any shampoo with petroleum based surface-active agent such as sulfate may give
    strong irritation and toxicity to the skin and scalp, causing hair loss and skin trouble.

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